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About Us

Introducing our custom online ordering platform for restaurants

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Get EatOnTheWeb, Today!

EatOnTheWeb is an easy to use, affordable online ordering platform for restaurants. With an EatOnTheWeb site, you have an online ordering site that is customized for your business and reaches customers across a broad range of devices. Ordering can be fully integrated with your restaurant so that web orders automatically print in your kitchen or appear on kitchen screens. You have control over your menu items and pricing online without having the hassle of building and maintaining your own web or e-commerce site.

Give your customers the ease and convenience of placing orders online, while reaping the benefits and added revenue of an online presence.

Customized for Your Restaurant

Your EatOnTheWeb site will be customized for your restaurant. We will theme the entire site to match your existing web site or brand. We will also use your logo to create an attractive and appealing header for your site.

If you already have a web site, you can enable online ordering by just adding a link to your EatOnTheWeb site. If not, we can create your entire site for you. Contact us today for more information.

Discover how simple it is to give your customers the online ordering option they've been waiting for. Give us a call today!


Here is what makes our online ordering platform the best out there!

Clean design

Uncomplicated elegant layout to help you present your menu in the best way possible.

Easy Customization

Send us your logo and choose your own theme to best match your restaurant.

Responsive design

Compatible with all desktop, tablet, and mobile phones. Users will have the best experience possible regardless of the device they are using.

Direct Menu Editing

Simply log into our admin area to make any menu modifications. Business Plus Accounting POS users' menus will automatically sync to their EatOnTheWeb site.

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Fully Responsive Design

We've created the EatOnTheWeb platform using a responsive framework. You can rest assured that no matter what device your customers use to visit your site, they will receive a beautiful and responsive layout that is easy to understand and beautiful to look at.

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Notice! If you need more information about our POS software (BPA Restaurant & BPA Restaurant Delivery) pleaseVISIT THE BPA WEBSITE.
Start taking online orders today,
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How It Works

Order Is placed

Your customer places an order through your EatOnTheWeb site on any device, whether it be phone, tablet, or desktop.

Notification Arrives

Once the order is placed, you will receive a notification or if you are running BPA POS it will appear directly in the software.

Prepared & Enjoyed

Your kitchen will prepare the order, and the customer will receive their EatOnTheWeb order!


An in depth view of the key components

Site Features

  • Fast Mobile Responsive Design.
  • Database Access & Admin Tools built in.
  • Customers can create accounts, and log in any time for future orders.
  • Customize your site colors/pictures.
  • Add Your Own Style and Content!
  • Automatic email confirmation on order completion.
  • Built with modern and efficient back-end framework.
  • Intuitive UI built from the ground up with a responsive framework.
  • Dedicated hosting servers to reduce downtime and scheduled maintenance.
  • Data backed up regularly on redundant servers.
  • Real-Time Access to sales data generated from EatOnTheWeb.
  • Coupons, specials, and product discounts.
  • Schedule for available menus (breakfast, dinner, etc).
  • Download customer lists for marketing.
  • Delivery, take-out, or dine in.
  • Provide your own delivery services or integrate with Postmates.
  • Auto-gratuity, service charges, and delivery charges.
  • Menu item pictures.

Discover how simple it is to give your customers the online ordering option they've been waiting for. Give us a call today!

Integration w/ Inhouse Delivery for 3rd Party Delivery Channels

  • Fees are paid for by the customer, so there is no cost to the restaurant.
  • Customers are directed straight to the restaurants site with delivery so they aren't competing with other restaurants in the area.
  • Access InHouse Delivery's nationwide network of over 500,000 pre-vetted drivers.
  • Delivery orders, driver dispatch and delivery tracking are all handled by InHouse Delivery's powerful software.
  • Inhouse Delivery's proprietary system that converts first time customers from third party marketplaces to repeat customers via your restaurant's website.

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Integration w/ BPA Restaurant or Delivery

  • EatOnTheWeb uses your menu you have already defined in BPA.
  • You will receive notification any time an online order is placed.
  • Accessible reports.
  • Servers can identify orders as web based orders.
  • Tickets will print directly to kitchen after the online order is placed.
  • No Setup Required!
  • No Additional Menu to define!
  • Orders can be placed real time or customer can schedule a pick up time.
  • Ticket automatically prints to the kitchen when an order is placed.

Your customers are ready for online ordering. Are you?

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